Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My BIG brother!

So I have been spoiled a bit... after my mom came in November... my brother Efrain came for Christmas and the New Year! Here we are at the airport the night he arrived.


So I was really greatful for ALL the gifts I received from family and friends back home. I got: some Bath and Body Works, pop tarts, chocolates, Abuelita Hot Chocolate, clothes, and so much more! Thank you everyone for your kindness and generosity! ;)

Among all these great things... I found the surprise of my life!!! My brothers, Isaac and Efrain, TOTALLY out did themselves.

I got CUSTARD from WILD ABOUT HARRY'S... a great custard shop (and hot dog shop) in Dallas. The flavors I got (and thoroughly enjoyed) were: cinnamon, vanilla, coffee, and coconut!!! Wow!

Oh, Harry himself helped with the packaging! Thank you Harry!!!Here's our camel driver holding an EMPTY carton. :) Who knew you could have WILD ABOUT HARRY'S in the Middle East!

A trip into the desert....

Efrain wearing a head dress in the desert. O cielos!
So my brother asked if it was "safe" to kiss a camel. Hm? Well, one of camel drivers said , "watch"...Oh my!

My bro and me....

I kept telling him to smile.... ;) Love you bro.
Ah... a smile!

Mt. Sinai... took a trip...

So my big brother, Efrain, and I went to Mt. Sinai. It took some time getting there, but it was worth it. I didn't think I would be able to climb all the way up to the top, but my big bro didn't let me give up! Thanks Efrain! It was oh SO SO COLD, but I had a blast with my brother! :)

Efrain... enjoying life!

Oh... so COLD on Mt. Sinai!!! Brrr!!!!

Too cold to try and look cute!
Yes... we got lost... our guide left us at the top. Ay... ay... ay...
Was able to shed a sweat shirt, emergency thermal blanket, and regular blanket. We got lost and did A LOT of walking...

Aid al- Adha

The "feast of the sacrifice" took place in December, and it is a commemoration of Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son, Ishmael. He did not sacrifice him as a sheep was provided for sacrifice.

The idea is to sacrifice an animal and then share the meat with those around. This is a picture of a cow waiting to be slaughtered.

Christmas 2007!

Teddy under the tree, and some cookies I decorated with a friend. Yummie...


So you gotta have a nice big turkey... and here it is. Check out the table too!