Sunday, April 22, 2007

A fisherman and his family.

Note where the wife is hanging their clothing. Also, I could hear a baby crying from somewhere in the boat. I tried to see where the baby was, but couldn't.

Ah... green!

Yes... I live in the desert, but then there is this! Isn't HE amazing?

Camels... chillin'!

He looked at the camera... just for me!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Ok, so here it is... and it's a big one! You can hear the wind a blowing. I have been told that on a day like this I should just stay inside. I understand, but inside isn't so much better. I feel like I am inhaling a bunch of sand. Ha ha. No problem though... it's all good. Gonna maybe watch a movie, eat some OREO's (that my bro Efrain sent me... yummy yummy in my tummy), and order some pizza! And by the way, the pics are "as is"... I didn't use any special features to get them like this.... it does look BEIGE outside! :)

Just 0.45 cents!

Okay... so this is kosheri. I love it! Now definitely have to be in the mood for it, but it's yummy. It consists of: macaroni, spaghetti noodles, lentil beans, fried onion, and garbanzo beans. You mix it up and the put this great tasting tomato sauce on it. It's yum!

Men praying.

Many men will stop where they are (of course lay a mat or carpet out) to pray. There are 5 calls to prayer a day and this was in the evening when I took the picture.


Here are some sweet friends. They do not speak English, so it's always interesting. They are very patient w/ me and we do a lot of charades.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Precious little ones!

So here are a few pics of my niece and nephew (and brother Isaac). G had my sister Sandra and her husband Victor wait for these 2 precious children for about 8 yrs. Thought I would share their pics w/ you... as my bro-in-law says, "Aaron is our miracle and Abby is our blessing"!

My Sunshine...

Here is Aaron Christopher... playing w/ a ladybug....

The Apple of my eye...

Here is our little princess amidst some gorgeous Texas bluebonnets.

Too cute...

This is Abigail Lynn being read to by Tio Isaac (my baby brother). Note her relaxed position in her uncle's lap and her missing shoe. I love it!!!

Woman in isdel.

Isdel... the dress like apparel...

Men in galabeya.

A galabeya is a dress like robe...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Back in the city.

After breathing some nice clean air... it was time to go back to the city. Time for my Zyrtec...

Super Duper!

My super duper I love her so much a.p. and me!

Hey mom!

At the Red Sea... which by the way isn't really RED... but anyway! Also, to my siblings... I am not trying to kiss up... just thought mom would like my shirt!

My Adventure in Odyssey's friend...

Ok... she is too cute and like crazy SMART...

Love 'em!

Dad is so good. I was able to go on vacation w/ 2 families. We stayed at a sweet hotel w/ great margarita pizza (don't any of y'all get huffy and puffy about the pizza... it was alcohol free!). :)

Vacation: Red Sea!

Isn't He amazing! Truly there is none like Him...


Here is the bride's sister... heya gamila (she is beautiful)! Doris told me to wear more make-up... I should have listened.

Party time!

This sweet tia knows how to party!


Here they are! Mabruk means congrats.

Hide and seek!

Do you see her? She is standing right by her husband. Yes... I have attached the right pic. Look closely...

A trip up north.

Went up north... right by the Mediterranean Sea.

Too kind for words...

Now, this tia (aunt) knows how to party... I will show y'all a pic from the wedding day!

Here they are.

Finally... the bride and groom!

Me... you!

A sweet girl... whose name I can't remember... kept saying "me... you" to me. It took me a while but then I realized she wanted a pic w/ me. Funny thing... once they know you are American you're famous.

A wedding.

Although a man and woman are legally married, if you will, after the engagement party... the bride and groom don't move in together yet. There are still prenuptial agreements to be made: agreement on the amount of gold that will be given to the bride, a flat, who will provide what for the flat, and other such things. As well, there are all kinds of weddings. The more humble wedding celebrations take place on the street. And the women are seperate from the men. The wedding I went to was an upper middle class wedding... so I was surprised to see men and women dancing in a cirlce together.

The signing ceremony.

Weddings here in the M.E. are not just a one day thing. There are like 3 parts to it: the engagement party (after which time the groom is able to see his bride unveiled), the signing ceremony, and the wedding day. It's fun b/c you get to party a lot more!