Friday, May 25, 2007

Mom and Sandra!

Happy Birthday MOM and SIS!!!

I love y'all VERY much!!!

Some early birthday cards!

To my dear friends in Garland... SHUKRAN!!! Thank you for the BUTTERFINGER'S and the cards. You have no idea what that means to me! I love you guys!

PS. The doll was given to me by a national friend a few months ago... she is a young and sweet friend who said she got me the doll to keep me company.

I love them SO much!

Here is a pic of Aaron C. and Abigail Lynn at nana's (my mom) church on Mother's Day!


McDonald's (like coke) seems to be everywhere. Here's a pic of my neighborhood McD's.
YES! They deliver... o cielos!

Mini plague!!! AH!!!!

I noticed these scary big flying ants a few days ago. I wondered where they were coming from and well was (and still am) concerned because they were dying off by themselves (most of them). Finally, one day I walked into my guest bedroom and well... just look at the pics. It was so GROSS!!! Like a mini plague!

What you need: fly swatter to kill my unwanted friends, tissue paper to throw at ants that surround the light fixture, ant killer, and broom to sweep up the HUGE flying ants. Ahh.... life in the Middle East!

Busy streets...

So... check out the exhaust fumes! Hmm... must hold breathe.

Yup... no Home Depot or Lowe's here.

Warning: no red tag here!

Check him out! Cruisin' on his motorcycle in his galabeya.

Gotta love this pic. So what do you men think about this?! And wait, today I saw a family on one of these: small son standing in front, dad driving, mom holding on to dad (while sitting sideways), and a baby! Yes... a baby. The baby was on the mom's lap. O cielos!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


There are two very special MOMS in my life... 1st there is my mom and 2nd is my sister who is Aaron and Abby's mommy.
Mom: I just want you to know that I LOVE YOU... FOREVER! Thank you for being my #1 cheerleader!
Sandra: Thanks for being such a great sister and I know your babies love you!

PS. I thought this would be a great pic to show... it was taken just a few days before I came out here!

He should be a MODEL!

Here's my Aaron C. Isn't he handsome!

Yummy... sphaghetti!

Abigail Lynn is enjoying her food. I love it. She is so precious!

A missed call...

Part of the culture is to "miss call" a friend. You call them and hang up right after the first ring... this lets them know you are thinking about them. This is what my friends do to me... ring me once just to say "I'm thinking about you". Have only done it once because I feel I am being rude if I don't just talk to them. It's cultural though.

Ah... so refreshing!

The splendor of HIS majesty.

Did you know....?

Did you know that if an egg ain't no good... it floats! Wow, it only took me moving to the other side of the world to learn this (from a fellow American... I might add). O cielos!

My adopted niece and nephew... so cute!

LeeAnna likes The Little Mermaid and Sawyer loves his paci.

Coptic Cave Church.

There are a few cave churches here. Thought everyone would like to see.

Now... this woman has talent...

Check her out! All I have to say is "You go girl"!

Transportation... oh yea!

So yes... there are many modes of transportation... even donkey's. Just BECAREFUL! Crossing the street here can be very dangerous... it's like dodgeball or dodgecar... seriously.

One more pic from the wedding...