Sunday, November 30, 2008

Had to post this! :)

Thanksgiving in the desert '08.

Okay... so I'm in the M.E. right. Turkey's (good ones) can be hard to find or cook. This Thanksgiving we had chicken!
Also, since I'm not in "Kansas" anymore (or the GREAT state of Texas in my case)... I didn't find french onions for the casserole, so I used corn flakes. :)
Did have some yummy pumpkin pie!
Oh, and made M&M cookies with 3 fun kiddos. They helped from beginning to end (making the dough, and then eating the cookies)! :)

Guess where I went?

You got it! Petra, Jordan.

Some cool caves.

Some Bedouins inside Petra.

Sweet smile.
So... you can see my friends arm. I had to pretend to take her pic to get the men in the background.

Children inside Petra.

There were children everywhere. After a while I began to wonder about their parents.

Yet another little one tending to a donkey.

More little ones...

This precious little boy was sleeping on a rock. He peaked out to look at the loud Americans. ;)
This little one was a bit fussy, but was ready for his camera shot.
And again... was distracted, but wanted a picture.
Saw tons of little ones caring for the donkies.

People in Wadi Musa

It's a shepherdess! :)

Wadi Musa, Jordan... Oh yea!

Aw... little ones...

These little girls are obviously so tiny and yet have big stories. Aren't they beautiful!?

Faluka driver

Camel driver... sweet man

City... real life