Monday, October 19, 2009

What you see on the streets in this city... o cielos!

Man wearing a hard hat instead of a helmet. Hm...
Notice there are lines, but they are mostly for decoration. (SO not kidding).
I noticed this woman b/c she almost ran into us... and then noticed why. She was reading the Qu'ran as she drove! As you can see she turned to look at my friend while the picture was being taken.

And yes... he's driving w/o a helmet AND on his cell phone. Ya salem!


One of my FAVORITE meals. Now, I learned something... I prefer mahshi... mangheer lahma (w/o meat). Oh... it's so YUMMY!!!

My flat!

My bedroom...

Guest bedroom... cute pillow covers I got from the recycle center at garbage city...

Yes... the hallway...

Living room...

Reception area..

In the Middle East it is customary to take your shoes off at the entrance of the home...


Dining room (desk area) and view from balcony.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ayeesh baladi (literally translated country bread)... it's the bread locals eat.

Okay people.. so this takes talent.  Check him out riding around with tons of bread on his head.  
Now THIS is a lot of bread!  

Road block!

So I started driving a few months back and you have to watch out for certain road blocks.  :)
Yes... I live in a city.
Yup... you're eyes are not deceiving you!
And here they are up close and personal.  
Oh and there is the occasional donkey cart you have to look out for... this is fruit guy.

A tired little boy in the metro.

Aw... somebody get him to bed.

Some scrapbooking (cards).

Mom had to get a special card for Mom's Day!
Aaron and Abby, obviously, got special cards made too!  ;)
Yes... I made one for the NOW newly weds.  I had to make it fun looking.  :)
Made these for some friends who were visiting.  


Some dear friends got me a CHOCOLATE Easter Bunny!  Yum.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ah... an amusement park in the desert!

I met some great folks this weekend. Here are a few of them.
Here I am with my dear friend. She is the one who invited me. For some reason the group we were with decided to have us start on the kiddie rides. ;) Then we moved up the the big kid rides.
Here is another friend. She speaks like 3 different languages. Smart girl.
Okay, so we got on the boat ride... you know the one that goes from one side to another. The guy in the back in the sunglasses (also with our group of friends at the park) is HILARIOUS. I couldn't stop laughing. Very nice folks! Had a great time.

Some friends at the party...

This girl is a dear friend. Her family is ever so kind and loving.

One of my sweet friends. Her sister CooCoo (nick name) was not liking the loud music! But she was able to distract herself later by belly dancing.
It was this friend who invited me to the party. She is so very kind. :)

A street bachelorette party.

This man was having a blast. He was related to the bride.
The bride is the one in the cream colored veil. :)
A pic from one end of the street. Check out the speakers. At one point I thought I was going deaf.

A pic from a different angle.

This little one was doing some major belly- dancing. They start early!

This precious baby was passed from one person to another while her momma danced. :)
Can you see her makeup? She was wearing some major eyeliner.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Birthday party.

So I got to go to a B-Day party. Ate alot, and met some great gals!