Thursday, February 26, 2009

Birthday party.

So I got to go to a B-Day party. Ate alot, and met some great gals!

Aaron and Abigail...

He is so grown up, and HANDSOME! And he's super smart too!
I'm not sure what Tio Bro Man was showing Abby, but she looks very intrigued. :)
Aaron and his Nana! :)
And Abby again! Boy does she love chocolate! :)


So I was a bit spoiled while I was home in December. My momma, big sis, and big brother made tamales. I helped too!! I washed the dishes. ;) All of them!

Mmm... thank you Momma, Sandra, and Efrain!

For sale!

So can you imagine being offered a sheep... to SACRIFICE! No thank you! These men were seriously thinking I wanted to buy an animal. What!?!?!
Now this was hilarious. A friend and I went to T.G.I. Fridays (yes... there is one in the desert), and before we went in a gentleman asked us if we wanted to buy a COW! Uh... um... now where in the WORLD would I put said cow!? Ha ha... Gotta love livin' in the Middle East!

Id el Adha... Celebrate Abraham's sacrifice of Ishmael.

This is what you might see on doors, walls, taxis, cars, etc...
So this pic is not that bloody. For some weird reason I did get some seriously bloody shots, but as I showed them to some friends I grossed out... so won't post them.

The women and people at the mosque...

Went to a mosque and I think I saw all the nationals there. Okay maybe I am exaggerating, but there were hundreds if not thousands of people there. One kind man told us to wait a few minutes so we wouldn't get trampled by the crowd. I guess we just kinda stood out, and he even told us the best way out of there. :)

I got to go to the mosque with 2 friends. We stayed near the back, and as close as we could to the metro stop. The men are in the front and the women are in the back. There were so many people that another row of men gathered behind the women.
This is just a glimpse of the multitude near the mosque. Actually we weren't even near the mosque... there were too many people.

Little ones... at the mosque.

This little one was desperate to get the galabeya off, but her mom put it back on her. There were many little girls that were veiled.
I love this pic. The mom and other ladies gave me permission to take the pic! :)

Near the mosque on the day of Id el Adha

Precious little girls...

Two sisters. Their dad let me take a pic with them. Too cute.
These little girls just kept staring at the Americans... I think I especially stood out b/c I was not veiled... like all the other ladies there.